USA train carrying army tanks -17-01-2021

Video of hundreds of battle tanks and military equipment filmed in Sacramento, California being transported by rail to a destination unknown

11 thoughts on “USA train carrying army tanks -17-01-2021”

  1. It has been reported that China has 75,000 troops in Canada and 175,000 in Mexico. Was this train heading north or south?

  2. I think this proves it. Doesn’t it. Now has any body got the guts to go on end expose this fraud?
    I am so sad for USA. What is the real reason for the Left, (Democrats) to do this?. Has China got then all compromised? Or is it pure financial and power greed?

    1. The global elite control both parties. It’s a puppet show to distract and divide us.

    2. I have a feeling it’s not the demons doing this it’s our
      President in charge, we ain’t f#*%n around this time!

  3. Help! We don’t get any information anymore from the news. It is all propaganda. I live in Michigan, USA. The Trump rally by my house was huge! You cannot tell me Biden won legally, too much fraud, mathematically impossible. What are we to do? Most of us are armed, but they have cut off all conservative speech so there is no communication. God help us. I have been screaming like a lunatic about this since 2008. Worse comes to worst, we may be able to flee to states that secede from the Union.

    1. Get on Telegram or – and should be back soon.

      There’s and look for Right Side Broadcasting on YouTube.

      There’s plenty of places around.

    2. I’m in Kansas and I feel the same. All the pressure has not made me “politically correct”. Have you read about the DUMBO (deep underground military bases) that crisscross this country and most of Europe? I think a lot of the adrenochrome is produced down there out of sight. As for being armed, there are more guns than people in this county. But — If they come to get your guns they will come with weapons drawn. That terrifies me.

  4. This is common in Sacramento and other districts.
    New builds being sent to their defence depots

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