Senator Lambie calls out China’s domination of Australia

11 thoughts on “Senator Lambie calls out China’s domination of Australia”

  1. All our industry should be repatriated back to Australia, as Trump began doing with America.
    If we can offshore our industry we can also bring it back, subject to that Old Fellow Political Will having the dander to get that process up and running.

  2. Over a 100 years ago the problem was foreseen –

    With Illustrations by Hal Gye

    (Sir Stodge was ‘free trade’ advocate Sir George Reid who had a suburb in Canberra named after him.)

    “…………But a Glug stood up with a cast in his eye,
    And he said, “Far too many baubles we buy;
    With all the Gosh factories closing their doors,
    And importers’ warehouses lining our shores.”
    But the Glugs cried, “Down with such meddlesome fools!
    What did our grandpas lay down in their rules?”
    And the Knight, Sir Stodge, he opened his Book:
    “To Cheapness,” he said, “was the road they took.”
    Then every Glug who was not too fat
    Turned seventeen handsprings, and jumped on his hat.
    They fined the Glug with the cast in his eye
    For looking both ways–which he did not deny–
    And for having no visible precedent, which
    Is a crime in the poor and a fault in the rich.

    So the Glugs continued, with greed and glee,
    To buy cheap clothing, and pills, and tea;
    Till every Glug in the land of Gosh
    Owned three clean shirts and a fourth in the wash.
    But they all grew idle, and fond of ease,
    And easy to swindle, and hard to please;
    And the voice of Joi was a lonely voice,
    When he railed at Gosh for its foolish choice.
    But the great King grinned, and the good Queen gushed,
    As the goods of the Ogs were madly rushed.
    And the Knight, Sir Stodge, with a wave of his hand,
    Declared it a happy and prosperous land…………..”

  3. Well said you might be a women but you have got more balls then any male politician in Australia today ,Loved your speech they all sold us out back in 1975 with there Lima Agreement and then there is the Paris Accord and there deals with the U N the W H O the C C P . Get this Great Country working again .While your at it get rid of this Covid Scam and stop promoting this Lethal Vaccine it is a war crime to inject anybody with it because it is still in the trial stage .
    Article 6: Section 3
    In no case should a collective agreement or the consent of a community leader or any other authority, substitute for an individuals informed consent .

    Leaders should be aware that mandating masks on the citizens of a nation and preventing there access to food , healthcare , transport or education if they don’t comply is a WAR CRIME . Masks or any other medical intervention must remain voluntary .

  4. Here here Jacqui! I’m 100% in agreement with you on this matter of Australias backbone and future. Well said

  5. just think if we would have listened to lambie’s solution for the unemployed , battalions of car thief’s and druggo’s that never wanted a job forced to join up put on that uniform getting paid attractive salaries to avoid the chinese as they take over australia .

  6. She speaks 100% Truth.

    But the sheep will still vote for the same same partys LNP or Labor, nothing will change. More pain is to come to these people.

  7. China is too smart for us example they leased Hong Kong to the British for 100 years, then took it back along with all the improvements the Poms did.
    You cant buy land in China to build a factory as we found out but we could lease one, or be given the use of one if you employed Chinese to work in it in a small town.
    Jackie, you are correct in your video.

  8. Spot on comments by Jackie Lambie……..our politicians only concern seems to be getting re-elected and continuing to suck up to China for cheap imports at the expense of our own manufacturing base. So much for the future of Australia especially when one considers the cost of energy for Australians and our producers for solar and wind power. No wonder China is building more and more coal fired power plants to achieve cheap energy for their factories. Our politicians blindly send our jobs and our futures to the CCP.

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