2 thoughts on “Doctor demonstrates masks are futile with COVID-19 spread”

  1. Absolutely correct. In addition, have you ever breathed on a window pane? It gets foggy from the moisture in your breath. Those water droplets you exhale will make the mask damp. Do you clean your counters with a dry or damp rag? Damp. Why? It picks up more dirt. So if you’re wearing a damp rag on your face, you’ll attract even more bacteria and viruses. 70% of those that end up in the hospital with COVID were strict mask wearers. Masks don’t help and perhaps create more infection. In addition, you’re breathing in more of your waste CO2 which is harmful. A relative’s 10 year old daughter went to the doctor recently, she has to wear a mask at school. Her blood levels of CO2 were elevated. What the heck are we doing to our children? What about the elderly who have less ability to clear their lungs? Another relative of mine ended up in the hospital with dangerously high levels of CO2, she almost died, they had to put her on a BI-PAP to get the CO2 out. Breathe fresh air, get out and get some vitamin D from the sun, eat healthy, lose weight if you need to, take care of your immune system and it will take care of you. If you’re immune compromised, have a list of telehealth doctors you can call to get Ivermectin if needed or other supplements. This is an international directory. https://www.exstnc.com/

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