Bogan response floors cops at Melbourne COVID checkpoint


Note: Video starts off dark

WE don’t know the name of the driver who recorded a stop at one of Melbourne’s COVID lockdown check points but we’ll call him Bogan because of the no-nonsense, street level response to the illegal and nonsensical questioning.

After Saturday’s shameful show by Victoria Police in provoking and brutally attacking small business protesters in Melbourne CBD, the video provides some valuable and appreciated humour and relief to the rampant, evil fascism going on in Victoria.

4 thoughts on “Bogan response floors cops at Melbourne COVID checkpoint”

  1. NOT quite how i would have handled the situation; but i most certainly agree with him.
    It is definitely past the time we ALL need to brush up on our constitutional rights & draw a line in the sand.

  2. Is there any way i can share these videos for others to do the same .

    thank you so much

  3. Love this man with, BALLS, there are @ 30 studies pre “COVID” confirming masks don’t and can’t work. I am an Ex theatre nurse and I know this from being in this health system for over 24 years.
    Notice the pigs wearing face diapers because they talk shit.
    They don’t social distance they wear germ collection tissues on their faces.
    The holes in the mask are over 1000 (porous) times larger (more actually) than the size of the virus particles.

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