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  1. You guys need to look on the HEALTH.GOV.AU website, because on there is John Skerritts (head of tga) transcript of what he said on a morning show. I’ve always suspected it, but I was gobsmacked he said it.
    That…the tga still doesn’t know whether MND or MS, is a result of vaccines or natural!!
    I have it screen shot if you can’t find it.

    1. Hi Andrea, Could you please provide me with the Skerritt article concerning MND & MS and it’s source as still being unknown. Much appreciated, thanks – Jen

    2. Hey Andrea, down the rabbit hole and hear I am, very interested in viewing that transcript , or screen shot. I’m on the site but can’t find it, see an interview he did on Sunrise on 24 March 2021, but that all? Landed here after researching “www.deagel.com” population reduction. Cheers and hope to get that transcript , Thanks

    3. Some Vaccine manufacturing info’ I just learnt from trying to find your transcript Andrea. Thanks ! 😉

      Read the transcript of Therapeutic Goods Administration Adj. Professor John Skerritt’s interview on ABC 7:30 on 17 February 2021 about coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Some churches have told parishioners to ask for the Pfizer jab, not the AstraZeneca one, because the AstraZeneca one reportedly uses aborted foetuses. What’s your view on that and would religious objection be grounds for an exemption to get the vaccine you wanted?

      When the vaccine was developed, quite a range of vaccines were produced in embryonic kidney cells, and these cells came originally from – and we don’t know the personal situation – from a termination that was done, we think, in the Netherlands in the early 1970s. So a very long time ago. And those cells are many generations old now. What we do know is that even at the highest levels from the Vatican down, they’ve said that the source of this vaccine is not a reason not to be vaccinated. So, churches have come out quite strongly, emphasising the importance of vaccination.

      1. The Church is divided on this and for good reason. By way of example would you buy a lampshade now that was made from the skin of the poor Jews that were brutally murdered in the 1940’s – so long ago it doesn’t matter anymore? Yes, that is what they did with the flesh of Jews.

    4. You’ll probably wade through dozens of conflicting conclusions over this topic. Lot’s of research has upheld the belief that MS/ MND symptoms R not caused by vaccination, nor relapses back to MS.
      As far as CV is concerned, nothing is off the table with this Orwellian double take.
      Fact: Vaccination of any type is associated with an increased risk of CNS ADS onset within the first 30 days after vaccination only in younger (<50 years) individuals (OR, 2.32; 95% CI, 1.18-4.57).
      DUBIOUS: Conclusions and relevance: We found no longer-term association of vaccines with MS or any other CNS ADS, which argues against a causal association.

      Good luck, but yes the research is very rarely stacked on the side of truth.

  2. “…………….end of free enterprise and cash – Agenda 21-30”

    Most average citizens are unaware of the fact that an agenda is working within their community led by local elected officials that are working with non-government organizations working on control.

    According to Marc Malone with america21century.com, “Sustainable development is the foundation of Agenda 21 and is now on steroids here in America with the house plant currently installed in the Whitehouse.”

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  3. Approx. 2008 there was a scaremongering campaign .. it was that the hordes of the aged are descending upon us & the world cannot afford it scam .. I have lived in my street .. which consists of 10 blocks for over 35 years .. in that time over a 1/3rd of the inhabitants have died.
    Imagine how may deaths that translated to on a long road.
    The elderly do not live forever .. they die.
    They lie & lie & then lie some more.
    Below replacement fertility is present in every nation on planet earth .. soon there will be no Germans or Italians left .. Africa & the Middle East are said to breed like rats & they will flood the world with their offspring’s .. this also is not true .. the Jews on planet earth are a minority .. it has been suggested that in 300 years there will be no more Jews living on planet earth .. at end time .. when we all hold hands & sing auld lang syne there will be no Jews .. they will have inherited the kingdom of heaven .. the Buddhists will still be here because they are a larger group.
    Who are these people that want to depopulate the planet ??
    Ignorant .. blood thirsty .. psychopath .. no account .. serial killers who need to be housed behind bars.
    Where do they get their money from ??
    And why do they have a dominant voice on this planet ??

  4. The question that we need to ask is not how many people are on planet earth .. but how many of us are left.
    Several years ago they put it out there that the number was 9.5 billion world population .. this was a lie & they were made to size it down.
    Today the official number is said to be 7.6 billion.
    In fact it is more like 6 billion & steadily falling.

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