House of Treason – illegal duopoly government controls Australia

7 thoughts on “House of Treason – illegal duopoly government controls Australia”

  1. This is what happens when Lawyers get into Parliament (so this story goes) and QCs and Supreme Court Judges could argue for 200 years about the legality of these arguments. “The people should rise up in Local Communities”? Give me strength, why do you think they took our guns? THAT’S the ONLY thing they would listen to. More strength to you if you can get your ideas to work, but i think you’re pissing into the wind.

    1. As a WA Court Judge said when a defendant tried to use ” Sovereign, Man on The Land” argument, ” don’t try that bullshit here”.

  2. This is what happens when people do not talk politics so much. I remember the old saying, SHE’L BE RIGHT. And this is where it has gotten us. I am 83 and I have lived my life. But what will happen to my son and daughter and their children? I live in sorrow.

    1. Simon, we are 62 and this is extremely concerning for our Children and Our Grandchildren-very heinous acts since Whitlam

  3. I’m one of many who’s been waking up people to this BS for years. But…seems the COVID BS is more important. And…unless people do something, we’ll NEVER get OUR country back as it should be.

  4. When this Martin guy apparently shot so many people, we believed the News ,the papers and what ever other outlets we had.
    Not knowing that Martin the mass murder had
    a intellectual disability, has q mind of a 9 years old boy, and was 2 hours away from the scene.
    We didn’t know that the government brought a refrigerated truck and transported already dead bodies ( they died all of natural courses).
    We didn’t know that Howard instigated all this shit with actors and we didn’t know he was after the guns.
    Now when I was listening to an investigation, the person who brought the van shortly after and all this things what coming up.
    My stomach turns

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