Port Arthur compelling evidence of government cover up

Dr Keith Noble has made a study of the Port Arthur incident and here he relates why was a 22 body air conditioned mortuary van built for Tasmania?

Why did a Victorian funeral company have an embalming machine and tools capable of handling multiple bodies on hand?

Stephen Shane Parry, ex- copper, funeral director and later president of the Australian Senate in Canberra organised all mortuary work for the victims. A compelling video.

Italian Politician, on Parliament Floor, Demands Bill Gates Be Arrested for Crimes Against Humanity

Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome, blasted #BillGates during her seven minute long speech on Thursday, claiming that he has been working on a depopulation policy and plans for dictatorial control over global politics.

QLD Chief covid -19 medical officer said this

Six figures of your money Queensland public servant, the Chief Medical Officer never subjected to public accountability, total political and parliamentary exemption from all prosecution for incompetence with a massive pension for life, said this … Click video watch..listen..and weep.